I admire young people who are concerned with the affairs of their community and nation perhaps because I also became involved in struggle whist I was still at school.” Nelson Mandela


Helping our Youth To grow with Integrity

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We are a project that seeks to reach children or/and young people in the community through a number of projects we conduct at different learning institutions in the community such as Day care centres/crèches, schools(primary and secondary) , churches and vulnerable children in our communities at large.

About us

Some of the projects/programs we have included:

Outreach programs: This is where we get into the community and teach children “how to be creative” using their own hands to colour different pictures, making drawings, and making carpets using plastic bags, also making pencil holders using paper mashie… and many more other creative work.

We also visit juvenile prisons and orphanage centres/foundations to spend time with the children, because most of them feel lonely and uncared for.  We try to fill in that gap, and show them love and appreciation.

We have a series of different courses to grow young people, such as:-


Get Real Course: This is where we inform and educate youngsters on the          dangers,  the effects and consequences of drug abuse. We also do awareness on         anti-drug campaign led by young people standing together against drug         usage/abuse.

Life Hurts, God Heals : This is a moral regeneration program, the purpose of          this program is to show that although people change and can hurt us, God will          never hurt us, He is always dependable. We have open discussions; sharing         different scriptures… the whole idea is to help the children at risk.

Responsibility : This is where we go in-depth about making decisions that          affect your life  as a young person, is the choice you make a positive/negative         choice? How will it affect your future? Remember, we make choices, then the         very same choice turn around and make us.

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